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Joe Maddon Recalls a Night in Bport

The Trib's David Haugh published a great article about new Cubs manager Joe Maddon which included this anecdote about his night with members of the Farnese at Cork & Kerry (pictured above):

This is what people love about Maddon. Humor accompanies almost every exchange, enthusiasm appreciated with every encounter. He turns simple questions into detailed anecdotes, conversations into memories. He plays music during stretching and sings a happy tune on tough topics. The approach makes Maddon immune to monotony, whether he’s revealing his favorite episodes of “The Office’’ or recalling the day he enjoyed a postgame beer at the Cork and Kerry outside U.S. Cellular Field and learned about the Cubs-Sox rivalry.

“I tipped a few Guinness with the boys, and they told me what they thought about the Cubs,’’ Maddon said.

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