Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Bnews from the Pews!

 Double parking is a considered a natural right in Bridgeport.  When practiced properly each neighborhood resident respectfully obliges another neighbor's right for a "quick double" to run in a house for a short period of time. This practice is only accepted on side streets and only for short periods of time.  Long established neighborhood rules govern the double parking process and provide remedies for those who violate neighborhood parking protocol.

On Sundays all those rules are thrown out the window.  Neighborhood churchgoers park any which way and in all directions.  Local police traditionally excuse themselves from traffic enforcement in Bridgeport on the Lord's day. If you are foolish enough to walk into Church to ask that someone move their car because you're blocked in you're likely to get an earful.  In an effort to curtail any troubles that may arise from the big church crowds this Holy Week a local parish has even included parking guidelines in their weekly bulletin.
While this move is sure to win the support of our old friends at Better Driving USA it's likely to fall on deaf ears to locals who believe the Sunday double is a God given right.

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