Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

B! Did You Know?

2724 S. Union 

The St. Joseph's Club is know by most neighborhood residents for its annual St. Joseph's Day Table which brings hundreds of locals together to share a delicious meal in honor of the Club's patron saint. The Club also host events throughout the year and has a members only bar where locals gather to share drinks with their neighbors.

What most Bporter's may not know is that every five years the members of the club celebrate the life of St. Joseph with a religious procession through the neighborhood.  The procession includes a band and winds its way along the neighborhood's streets until it reaches St. Anthony's Parish on Wallace Avenue.

Just like the St. Rocco procession that occurs in the neighborhood each August, the St. Joseph procession allows neighbors to pin a donation on the saint's statue which is later used to help those less fortunate in the neighborhood.  A girl from the neighborhood is chosen every 5 years for the honorable position of traveling with the saint's statue and pinning the donations on his ribbons.

The next procession in honor of St. Joseph is set for the summer of 2016.  If you would like to catch a glimpse of the famous patron saint of Italian-Americans before then you'll have to find a member to sneak you into the back room of this neighborhood social club.

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