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Gospa 2013 Recap/Gospa Man of the Year

The 2013 celebration of the Gospa got off to an excellent start with a group of mariachis serenading the Virgin Mary on the church grounds.
Once the Gospa entered the church and the high mass convened locals began celebrating the feast with the highly sought lamb plates selling fast.
Great weather and a good early crowd propelled Gospa goers to hit the bar and the dance floor early and a special appearance by US Senator Dick Durbin raised everyone's spirits!

 The Gospa Man of the Year contest was once again a tight affair.  Reigning champion Tommy Misetic got off to a late start but was in good form with the help of a pack of Runacs and a fine sailor who docked his boat to celebrate this great feast day.
The Professor and his pal Two Cup made an innovative 2 man entrance which was quickly emulated by Bocce Bruno and Ciavonte.  Slick Nick and Wags  had great showing and were hoping their hard pre-Gospa work would give them a lift in the Man of the Year battle.
Capps used his sidling abilities to score a coveted spot on the post Gospa Croatian Queen judging panel and
JD took a page out of the Mario playbook and came decked out in fancy blue sport coat.  Mario must have caught wind of this move, he quickly jumped on the El and made a surprise appearance dressed to the 9's with a fancy bookbag to boot checkmating JD's sartorial challenge.
The Commish made a rare midday appearance and promised to host a basement party for Louie's latest group of Croatian Klapa singers arriving next month.
Peanuts Scalise fell out of the running when his lady came up short in Ben's Gospa Trivia test.

So by the time Bocce Bruno sounded the alarm and the chanting had begun the man of the year battle was a wide open race. Valenti, Bass, Stooli and Vneck all were looking to make a move.  Even the elder Mike DiVito made a push with a few one-liners hoping to keep the award in the hands of a Cub fan.

After the votes were counted another Gospa miracle occurred.  Like the earlier procession where the Grand Marshall duty was split between two brothers the Gospa Man of the year would be split between the Kotars: Tommy and Frank.

Frankie Gray had a stellar day regaling the guys and guest Senator and bridged the gap between generations at the feast.  Koter even scored a winner on the pull tabs and was divving out drinks to the guys all day.
The younger Kotar, Tommy Tollway, was also in first gear from the get-go.  He did an admirable job shepherding a Senator's visit and he turned up the heat once the sun went down.  In the great Bport tradition, TK made some grand proclamations like "I'm not paying for my daughters wedding" and "these are the most fashionable shoes at this street fest" and by the close of  the night TK was once again faced with an existential battle that his challenged him his entire lifetime in Bridgeport--how to open the front door on 3214 S Wells Street.  Like the great tandem they were all day the Bnews is happy to report that Kotar Sr left the door open and TK made it back home safely.

Meanwhile, all is quiet in Bridgeport today.


Anonymous said...

Gospa Boos go out to Joe "Milkshakes" Nardi, Barracuda Santoro and M Misetic for missing this holy feast!

Anonymous said...

i wish everyday was Gospa day