Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Memorial Day PSA

B! News Social
For Old Times Sake Edition

In addition to the men and women who have protected America and our freedom, the B! News Staff would like to remember the following people, places and things:
  • The Magic Boys
  • Chris and Joe
  • The Guy in the White House on Lowe Ave. that Sold Fireworks (mid-grade explosives) to Minors
  • The Great Chrome Cap Crime Wave of '91
  • The Great Hood Ornament Crime Wave of '92
  • Stosh the Newspaper Stand Guy
  • Arty Stork
  • The Boys and Girls Club Carnival
  • Filas with Socks
  • Park Side
  • The Gravy Bread at Park Side
  • Bill's
  • The 31st Street Bus (slated to make a comeback)
  • Rampant Rumors of Pepper Gun Shootings on the Railroad Tracks
  • Cheaper Beeper
  • The Greatest Annual Memorial Day Party '97-'03

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