Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Viva Il Papa

Vatican flags have been spotted hanging on homes all around the Bridgeport neighborhood.
The surprise choice of the Argenitne Cardinal Bergoglio has thrilled many of neighborhood's Jesuit educated residents along with local Hispanics.  Cardinal Bergoglio's choice of Francis as his papal name has also brought joy to many locals who were hoping for Franciscan pope, especially Cardinal O'Malley from Boston.

As reported by the National Catholic Reporter: "Franciscans are rock stars in Italy and always have been. In the popular imagination, they're the polar opposite of stereotypes of princes of the church hungry for wealth, power and control. Franciscans are perceived as simple, humble men, able both by word and deed to connect with the hopes and dreams of ordinary folks"

Our prayers are with Pope Francis as he begins his reign as the Bishop of Rome.

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