Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Commisioners Honor 20 Great Years of Service

"No Man Walks Alone"
-Richard J. Daley

Fellow Commissioners this morning surprised a member of their board who is known for playing practical jokes on them. John P. Daley was honored by his colleagues for his 20th year in office, and 18th as Finance Chair of Cook. The board recounted their fondness for his gentle yet deliberative style from the most senior member Comm. "Iceman" Butler down to the boards newest member Comm. Garcia. President Prekwinkle also thanked him for his advice and assistance with the County's finances, and personally for helping with the editorial boards. Comm. Daley thanked all of his colleagues, family, staff, and constituents for guiding him through the last 20 and he is looking forward to 2013. He thanked the President for her leadership and friendship throughout her tenure. Locally John Daley is a great example to all of us for his dedication to his Community, Faith, and Family. We congratulate him on a job well done, and look forward to the coming year.

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