Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Bnews Christmas Review

There is a new champion in town......make that two new champs.  This year's Pub Quiz ended in a tie and in the spirit of Christmas the two winning squads split the many interesting prizes rather than battle it out in a tie-breaker.  It was another excellent Quiz night with challenging questions, excellent moderators and little bit of drinking.  Everyone went home happy except for the defending champs who were blindsided by a couple of upstart teams, including the first ever all female foriegner (non Bport) grouping!

Around the neighborhood an unfortunate fire was the only way to get revelers out of Nick Perisin's basemant post midnight mass party!


St. Lucy Kid said...

Is that my old friend Kwid with the dark beard?

St. Lucy Kid said...

The reason I asked is because I was at the park when Father Angelo hit Rachel and I never got to tell him that I wanted to help her, but the paramedics already had her in the neck brace and there was nothing I could do. He was my friend. That's all. That sure looks like how he would look after all these years. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's all it is.