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Digital Billboards Coming to Bridgeport

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The City announced a deal last week to put in place more than 30 digital billboards throughout Chicago and to allow billboard owners to swap out older billboards for newer digital ones.

The list of proposed billboard sites was released last week and you'll be happy to know almost one quarter of the sites are in/around the neighborhood.

The location is likely due to Bridgeport's close proximity to all major modes of transportation, especially expressways.  However, an incredibly strange address was buried in the list of sites - "3019-3037" South Lowe.  A sign here would require the demolishing of at least six homes and give a faithful B News reading family a strong incentive to start tinting their home windows.

(From the Chicago Sun Times Editorial Page - 11/2/12):
The City Council, then, which already is working to update its billboard ordinance, should move cautiously when establishing the ground rules for these new glowing signboards. The signs could bring much-needed revenue to the city but also could intensify visual blight.

While he’s at it, Emanuel also wants to allow digital billboards up to 100 feet tall on any of 12,000 city-owned properties throughout Chicago. The city could get a cut of the revenue, he said, and for each image-changing billboard that goes up, five conventional signs would have to come down.
The administration would like the City Council to act on the digital billboard plan next month. But when studying Emanuel’s plan, the Council should look beyond the dollar signs. Ugly billboards have a way of sprouting like weeds.

It would be unfortunate if the Council’s effort to eliminate illegal, hideous and unused conventional billboards simply made room for pervasive new electronic imagery that some Chicagoans already hang up blankets over their windows to screen out, even from 2,000 feet away.

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