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B96 Has Ruined Our Minds

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Where's Beef and Eli When You Really Need Them Edition

Your editors here at the B News Update are clearly getting older.  Many of us have transitioned from bottle throwing loiterers to adults with homes, cars (we've graduated from just the hood ornaments) and children.

We've recently learned the only songs in our memory banks to lull the children to sleep come from the Killer Bee's "Top Nine an 9".  That daily, hour long, shit show of techno, house and dirty rap seemed to be on the radio forever.  Fortunately, the Top Nine did not live forever, unfortunately their trash hits live in our brain - beating with a nonstop "Bad Boy Bill is in the Mix.... Understand!"

So, as we lull our children to sleep with the hits of the early 90s, we will do our best and dig into the googlenets and find some of these gems to share with you.

Today's hit -- "Who is Elvis" .... A jam from 1991 that stayed on the Top Nine for months and proved you can make a hit song in Chicago out of complete nonsense.


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