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Jilly's and Backroom Closing Doors

B! News Social
Closing Time Edition

Looks like the Triangle's favorite spots for jazz and licentious divorce celebrations may be closing soon.  Thanks for the memories.... 

(from the Sun Times)
Both nightclubs are in a three-story building at 1007 N. Rush. The building’s owner, Realtor and investor Grace Sergio, has proposed razing the building, which also has four apartments, and replacing it with a two-story structure with a single retail or commercial tenant.
A source said Jilly’s plans to close in late September.

("Me and My Shadow" -- Sinatra)
Before we get finished, we'll make the town roar 
We'll make all the late spots and then a few more  
We'll wind up at Jilly's right after Toot's Shor
Life is gonna be we-wow-whee  
For my shadow and me.

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