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Gospa Review 2012: Year of the Married Man

The midweek Velika Gospa is always a challenge for Bnews readers and Gospa guests.To overcome this challenge Bnews Social Editor TK set out an ambitious plan of action that included a full schedule of activities leading into the Gospa: Rooftop outing at Wrigley, Roscoe Street Fest, Sunday afternoon Sox Game, Wingfest at the Rocky's beer garden and a couple nights of Novena appearances. This audacious plan would have many men limping into the Gospa but the gang pulled it off and entered the Gospa in tip top shape. Once Our Lady of Sinj hit the altar good times commenced with friends old and new celebrating on a fine sunny day. Slackers like Two Cup and Dino V were barely missed as a great group of old friends picked up the slack. The married man trio of McMeal, Tommy Misetic and Tassone kept the stories flowing throughout the day while the young guns like the Ciaravino/Borsellino 4 and Vodka Vic manned the bar.

Lefty Ferro's hard work in setting up the feast was rewarded with many hearty handshakes and Mikey Biggs/Scumaci helped keep spirits high until their ole friend Smiles could reach the hallowed St Jerome asphalt grounds.

The Professor as always was a steady presence tying generations together with tales of his summer fest exploits. As the lights dimmed and the raffle winners were announced the old gang rolled over to Rocky's. Football Ferro wrestled the party torch from TK and led the remaining gang to Division street where Sinatra songs were crooned until the lights went down. All in all a spectacular night!

As always the race for the prestigious Gospa MVP award was tight with TK and Mario splitting up the vote so that a dark horse candidate emerged as this year's surprise Gospa MVP: Tommy Misetic.

Misetic shot out of the gates early and stayed in the lead all day. He was a steady presence at the bar dishing out old tales and rallying the troops all day. His company was essential to making this Gospa a success and we congratulate him on this fine accomplishment. Like former Gospa MVP The Professor, Misetic is a Cub fan. In winning this award the Gospa has shown that miracles do happen: a Cub fan had a great day! Congrats Tommy!!!!
Meanwhile, all is quiet in Bridgeport today.

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