Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

A Parcel Of Land

A recent Gazette story has Bridgeporters speculating on the future of a giant parcel of land on the neighborhood’s southwest side. The Gazette’s report indicates that the old Wrigley plant may become the future sight of a big box retailer or something of that nature.

In anticipation of this future building project we asked newly arrived Bport resident Pat Okane his opinion about what should be built at the new location. Okane’s reply was surprising: “ We need a Calvin Klein outlet store. The Macy’s only carries Calvin Klein clothes for the young guys. I can’t fit in those skinny jeans.”

Another Bporter we spoke to offered this suggestion: “We need a Dick’s Sporting Goods-nothing makes me feel better after a week of work then buying a new yoga mat and a pair of aqua socks.”

Among the better suggestions were the following: an OTB or a sports complex with indoor batting cages alla the Bo Jackson academy. And just to keep things a little interesting some of the wilder speculation we’ve heard is that this will be the sight of the new Chicago casino which will run right up to the Chicago River’s Bubbly Creek.

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