Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Just a Friendly Game of Baseball

Daley Window Gallery
3526 S. Halsted
This is the closing weekend of Versionfest, and there's plenty to do in Bridgeport. Version12 put the spotlight directly on our neighborhood. The Fest took a look at what types of things could be happening to help create a more vibrant, walkable, and culturally diverse community. All of May Version opened record shops (sorry "lets boogie") bookstores, a doughnut shop, a craft goods showroom, and multiple cultural spaces. The Daley Window Gallery was one of those spaces. The idea was to take a store front on Halsted that was not being used, and place something for everyone to enjoy. Tyrue "Slang" Jones interpreted a B News story in his now famous "Bad Influence" style. After weeks of wondering what was happening with two blank walls on Halsted St. neighbors can now see what all the fuss was about. Check out all the events at V12 up above, and enjoy Slang's work while it's up on Halsted. It's scheduled to run much longer than his ill-fated piece on Damen.

his own gallery is @Gala Gallery 1000 N. Millwaukee 

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