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Cy Young Debate Revisited

There is no baseball league in this neighborhood held in higher regard than the one that took place on the hot black asphalt of the Italian American Club on Shields over a decade ago. So when a well respected former player in this league brought the Bnews a complaint about the awarding of postseason honors we decided to investigate.

The player in question is Mikey “Bigs.” “Bigs” claims that the league unfairly rewarded the Cy Young award during his best season to a rival hurler. “Bigs” has secured the support and funding of White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy (pictured above) to verify his claim.

Unfortunately for “Bigs” the Bnews has been unable to locate the league’s vast statistical collection of records. These records, held in a fireproof briefcase, are rumored to have been stolen by a band of water balloon throwing bandits. However, the Bnews has interviewed many of “Bigs” former teammates and rivals to get a better understanding of what occurred in the season in question.

“Bigs” it seems, while small in stature, was a force on the mound. His arsenal included a deadly slowball that he would use to trick batters. He was also fearless on the mound and would pluck opposing hitters when they showed disrespect. Many rivals commented on “Bigs” performance in an epic game that went 18 innings in 100 degree heat. A hitter named J. Byrne stated “It was like Death Valley out there and the kid just kept throwing strikes until he collapsed from exhaustion. It was an amazing performance”

Others noted that “Bigs” would pitch every day unlike the hurlers of today. “The kid must have racked up over 1000 innings that season….he was a force” A older fan named Yamo recalled: “He was great that season. His defense was even stellar and he had the smallest glove I ever seen. His only blunder was a massive homerun he allowed to “Samurai” Nardi at the end of the season.” Some players even told the Bnews that “Bigs” was so competitive that he took to playing goalie against the “Samurai” in hockey to avenge that homerun.

While there is no conclusive way to determine if “Bigs” really did deserve the Cy Young Award that season we do believe that his claims have merit. So we at the Bnews propose that all future Bridgeport pitching awards be named in his honor: the Mikey “Bigs” award for pitching excellence.


Anonymous said...

There needs to be a reunion this summer at ONIAC. Without a doubt, some of the best times ever. I concur that he should get the Cy Young, because of his consistency and dedication. Furthermore, Yamo has been dead a few years now, so how did you get an excerpt from him? As far as the water balloon hurling, we were the only ones who did that against those St. Lucy kids. Fun times! I think the case is probably somewhere in the Scalise basement, or maybe Chinese Anthony or Sam Mow stold it in retribution for being called chinks.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Peavy is giving him the evil eye horns. Boston George should've turned around and socked him one.