Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Cinco De Derby

We Gonna Win This Race!
-Victor Bruno, Sanno Nita

The Derb is not an easy thing to wrap your head around. There's a million possible outcomes, combinations, and X-ectas on this field. When dealing with equine risk the key is to understand some core concepts before you even think about the horse itself. Rider and Turf Conditions are the path to wining on the fifth of May. Once you've taken a good hard look at those variables our advice is to imbibe heavily. This will help you place some of that communion money on a couple long shots after you've secured your main picks, and this is where the real cheddar is won. Once you've set your wagers forget about it, and focus on Tecate, Patron, and Chicas. It's a holiday for god sake, and as long you're half in the bag by post time you've already won. It's almost time for your race to begin.

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