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Anti-Police "Militant" March on Halsted

 Yep that's "He who shall not be named" in the middle

In the first of many bright ideas that will happen over the next week a collective of Nato protesters will be marching through our neighborhood this evening. The protesters plan on walking the streets of "Jon Burges home" from 51st to 31st and Halsted. Forget about the small details like having a permit to march or the fact that Burge isn't from here. Many residents have already contributed to the groups facebook page which we won't put up here, but sufice to say that residents are rightfully concerned about whetpastes, property distruction, and disruption of traffic. These folks are stepping out at 6:30pm tonight. The CPD is being awful understanding given the fact that they have no permits, and the title of their demonstration is:
"Fuck The Police"
-G8 (never mind that it's not here anymore) NATO Protest Geniuses

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