Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

The Chicago Tavern

An article in a recent issue of USA Today analyzing the decline of the "neighborhood bar" in Chicago has prompted a few local publications to chime in on the subject. ChicagoMag's take on the article goes a bit further than the more general USA Today write-up, citing a handful of sources, each attributing the decline of Chicago taverns to few different causes, including gentrification and politics. The Chicagoist doesn't offer much additional insight, but does give a shout out to B! News favorite Bernices.

While researching, we were able to dig up a link to a local website called the Chicago Bar Project. The site tries to be a one-stop-shop for Chicago drinking establishment reviews. They've amassed a pretty extensive list, including a number of Bridgeport's very own: Schaller's Pump, Shinnick's Pub Los Compadres, and...Ethyl's Party.

Also worth note, the site's creator recently published a book titled "Historic Bars of Chicago". According to the book's dust jacket, it's "a guide to the 100 most historic neighborhood taverns, blues bars, jazz clubs, cocktail lounges, sports bars, nightclubs, beirstubes, rock & punk clubs, and dives [in] Chicago" (and can be purchased on Amazon in both digital and paperback). No word yet if any Bridgeport establishments made the list, but I'll put my money on the Redwood Lounge being #1.

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