Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Cobblestone Out Cobbler In!

Word is a shoe repair is coming to 31st.


Anonymous said...

What's next? A Butcher or Baker or Candlestick maker?

Everyone knows that us neighborhood guys don't get our shoes repaired. We just go out and buy a new pair. What do they think this is, the 1920's?

From the looks of things, it looks like this is set to open on 31st. Doomed for failure unless your a foot Doctor or Conrad O. Duncker.

So here's my theory....

1.) the owner has a shoe fetish

2.) It's a front for running a smack operation..

God Bless,

Petey Peppers

Tap Dance McGee said...

Who is this Petey Peppers fellow? I get my Florshiems tuned in every once in a while!

Anonymous said...

I'm the unsilent majority...This place (if it's not fictional) is going to fail and fail big time.

I am the grandaddy of the original

Your going to have to have your florsheims tuned elsewhere. We used to tune ours on the heads of gangbangers

B News said... that must have gone the way of the dodo bird along with our URL that's now in Japanese.