Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Chef Receiving Rave Reviews

Chef AJ on 35th St is rocking the popular Bridgeport lunch scene with his reasonably priced delicious assortment of sandwiches. Diners, myself included, recommend the pulled pork sandwich & the burger. Fellow Bridgeporters have also complimented the daily specials which challenge the basic beef/sausage/steak dynamic popular in these parts.

748 W 35th St

Chicago, IL 60616
Neighborhood: Bridgeport
(773) 523-4000
(no website)


Anonymous said...

Why don't you put in an actual address or a link to the joint? Who are these douche bag editors?

VNeck said...

You're already on the internet, use this nifty tool called google. Must we spoon feed you? This is an example of what's wrong with American society, no one wants to do any leg work rather they require more attention than an infant.

Anonymous said...

Did this storefront take the place of the "Rockstar Fades" barbershop?

I noticed Rockstar fades didn't stay there too long, which I think is a good thing. Anytime I see a mexican with a razor in his hand it makes me edgy.

God Bless,
Petey Peppers

B News said...

Nope, this is a brand new space that AJ built out on his own. It's next to the old Erendira on 35th. He's a chef for the Whitesox, and is making some good fresh food. It actually used to be a check cashing joint. There was a failed restaurant next door to this, but it's not that space either.