Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

B! New Eats Coming to the 33

Many have missed the old sneak eat on 33rd for a chicken or steak wrap.


LilsSub said...

to be run from owners of cork & kerry is what i here

Anonymous said...

They should reopen it as parkside and hire the Fresh Kid as the chef. Those of you in the know, know who I mean. He used to work at parkside in the late 80's. You can spot him from time to time out and about drinking stout beer.

this was also the failed site of Freddies 2. May have done better if Richie Metters, a known thief didn't work there and finger money from the register.

God Bless,
Skinny Pete Peppitano
aka Petey Peppers

Anonymous said...

Petey Peppers you had better watch your tone about me or I'm gonna call Gangster Paul and have him pay you a visit.

Remember Gangster Paul?

Theres a name no one's heard or spoke of in many years.

I just wanna know what Italian BBQ consists of? Rocco Balestri roasting a lamb? They made a high quality lamb.

Anonymous said...

Gangster Paul was last seen getting into a car with well-known pedaphile "Philly the Fondler".

Word on the street is that Paul is now living in Boystown due to the fact that Philly turned him sissy.