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Where's Jerry?

In the wake of yesterday’s outrageous admission by White Sox General Manager Kenny Williams that he considered hiring Paul Konerko to be the team's player/manager many Sox fans, including this blog, are questioning the competency of the team’s leadership.
Yesterday’s statement, combined with the disappointing hiring of Robin Venture earlier in the week and a terrible 2011 season on the field have left us all looking for a reason to continue supporting a team destined to irrelevance in the near term. Historically, it’s been Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf whose been the man to turn the tide when the team is at it lowest point.
The powerful White Sox owner is known as a steady hand at the helm of the team. Forward looking, shrewd and patient it’s been Reinsdorf who’s set the White Sox up to become an annual contender in the Central Division. His conservative financial management over the team’s early years had allowed the Sox to grow as a whole organization from bottom to top and allowed them the payroll flexibility to add key players during high times.
Unfortunately, Reinsdorf’s influence seems to have been ceded to GM Kenny Williams in recent years. Under William’s leadership the Sox seem to have lost their way financially, burdened by the heavy long term contracts doled out to older players. Meanwhile, the team’s farm system is in a state of disarray with its former directors charged with federal crimes and the cupboard barren of major league prospects.
It seems unthinkable that this situation would occur under the leadership of a man powerful enough to a have a baseball commissioner removed and stadium built at taxpayers expense, and begs us to ask what has become of Jerry Reinsdorf?

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