Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

South Side Shocker

Early reaction to the Ventura hire by Bnews readers:

-Cheap ass owner
-What's next Frank Thomas as hitting coach
-Too bad Ivan Calderon is dead he could have been the hitting coach
-Dan Pasqua must have been busy
-Out of leftfield
-Some highschool teams have a better coaching staff


Anonymous said...

you guys gota problem with italians

LilsSub said...

i like mine with mustard lettuce and no tomato

LilsSub said...

87.5 percent of the staff is Italian also

Anonymous said...

I have no respect for a man that charges Nolan Ryan.

A. because Nolan Ryan is a legend. He can bean whoever he wants.

B. Nolan Ryan was near 60 at the time, and still managed to beat up Ventura.

Cheers to Ryan