Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Parking Standoff Engulfing Bridgeport

Recent actions by employees of the Dept. of Revenue have Bridgeport car owners seething mad and rightly so. This week alone we’ve heard stories of heated altercations occurring with ticket writers from Wells St. to Union Ave. One reader became so incensed that he threatened to rattle the ribs of a revenue employee who wrongly charged him with an infraction. In another incident a well known Bport hoopster informed a ticket writer that he would be slugged if he attempted to place the despised orange envelope on his windshield.

Just this morning the Bnews witnessed 6 cars receiving tickets on a block in which no street cleaning signs were featured. When the ticket writer was informed of this she told us to “mind our own business” and that there was a “sign down the block” The nearest sign was 1.5 blocks away. All told we counted 44 cars ticketed this morning in a nine block stretch of the neighborhood.

Hopefully, the Dept of Revenue gets wind of these rouge employees before this situation ends up landing someone in the hospital/jail.

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