Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Out with the Old

Halsted failed BBQ experiment is next door to a brand new Deli. From the looks over the brown paper (no permits in sight) it's a clean looking joint ala vitos, Bari, and Grazianos.


LilsSub said...

this is what i'm talking about, the cold cut market needs to heat up

LilsSub said...

we also need a breakfast joint on the armour square end of the hood. 4 bars and no late night snacks! Forget the Ramova Theater, reopen Earl's

DV said...

Scene: Former Soluri store on 32nd and Wells

Beautiful woman walks in to store and asks how much an item is...

Peter: $1.50
Women: It says $3.00
Peter: It's on sale
Women: When did the sale start.
Peter: Right now.

Anonymous said...

Leave a trail of skittles like