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Fixing the Pale Hose

With the season coming to an end and the winter meetings two months away the B will toss out an idea on how to fix the White Sox. The trading of Peavy, Rios or Dunn will not happen, but the Sox may have some options. First, the payroll is close to 104 million without resigning Buehrle, and going to arbitration with Danks and Quentin.

B proposed moves:

Mark Buehrle welcome to the Cardinals. He is everything you need in a starter, but in the playoffs he is a number three and we can’t afford him because of the other 3 albatross contracts.

Carlos Quentin is traded for prospects opening up right field for Viciedo.

Jon Danks needs to be resigned to a deal of 3 years in 30 to 34 million range.

Trade the AJ Pierzynski to a team he would waive his no trade clause for. First, A.J. is getting older. Second, although not entirely at fault the turnstile that is first base is getting annoying. Third, Tyler Flowers hits for more power, costs less and neither guys really does anything special when it comes to walks and on base percentage. Why spend 6 million on a catcher who fields average, hits for no power and never walks?

Decline Jason Frasor’s 3.75 million option for upcoming year. Thank Kenny for trading Edwin Jackson to wrong team and not getting Colby Rasmus. On that stance besides Contreras have we ever made a god trade deadline deal in last 10 years?

Trade Matt Thornton to the highest bidder. Thornton is set to make at least 12 million over the last two years and looks to be on the down arc of his career. A player like Thornton can possible bag us a quality 3B (maybe Scott Rolen from Cincy w/ one year on deal left on his contract) or a quality LF who hits for power.

Trade Gordon Beckham when he still has some value and sign Brandon Phillips.

Last season the B suggested getting Victor Martinez and trading for Aramis Ramirez.

However, we went with Adam Dunn and Brent Morel. The way to win the AL Central has been a solid infield defense, at least 200 home runs and 720 runs. The White Sox won the two division titles with a combination of Crede, Uribe and Iguchi (53 homers), Uribe /Crede, Cabrera, and Alexi (46 homers) and last year we had 35 (9 of which came in last 10 days).

B likes a combination of Alexi Ramirez, Brandon Phillips and Scott Rolen. Now all we need is a left hand hitting left fielder. Throw some bucks at either Ric Ankiel, David DeJesus or Coco Crisp.


LilsSub said...

Apologize for any errors in text, this was written in a Starbucks waiting for car service. Anyhow, toss Fukudome as a LF option as well.

pablo said...

Fukudome and Rolen? That's a team ready to roll in 2012!