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Car burglar takes iPod, balks on Cubs tickets

The Cubs are bad this year, but are they this bad?

A car burglar in Wilmette passed over two Chicago Cubs tickets and only stole an Apple iPod that was left in the vehicle’s cupholder.

The $200 Apple iPod was reported missing from a vehicle that was left unlocked in a driveway in the 1000 block of Miami Road sometime between 6 p.m. June 26 and 8:05 a.m. June 27.

The resident noticed that the vehicle’s compartments had been opened and items had been moved around, according to the police report.

Besides passing over the Cubs tickets that were in the glove compartment, the burglar also left a set of golf clubs in the trunk.

Another unlocked vehicle on the same block was discovered entered that morning, but nothing was reported stolen. -

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