Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

A Pleasant Lunch: The British Are Coming!

Bacon Buddy with chutney, rocket, and carrots
side of  Delux"chips" with gravy and cheese curds (poutine

The neighborhood of the future is coming along swimmingly on 31st Street. Maria's Packaged Goods is bringing all the hip children to the yard, and is now home to a cozy restaurant.  Pleasant House Bakery is focused on British fare centered around their Royal Pies. The Royal Pies are small, but bountiful with thick cuts of steak in a rich red wine gravy or chicken in a less interesting curry. Their specials pictured above are the best thing we've had on the menu next to their version of Poutine or Delux Chips for the non-Canadians. PHB's Cornish pies are not the only Pasties in town. Keep on the look out for Bridgeport's very own Pasty food truck set to hit the streets any day now. Just be careful not to hit your head on the Epcot dome when crossing Morgan. PHB uses produce grown at their farms and sources all of their meats as well. The space is nice and open with art work by Jim Connolly. Friday Night they are serving Fish and Chips that are sure to be spot on. Check it out, and grab a Hitichino to wash it all down next door. Just don't order an Ice house while at Marias or you will be scorned in the short pant, tattooed, bike riding community and never get a date with that hot hippie girl who reads comics at bars.


A said...

Had a 3² beers at Maria's with some indigenous tosspots and really enjoyed the place.

Anonymous said...

Will this joint be cooking with those weird harry melons that grow in the front yards of our Mandarin speaking neighbors?

VNeck said...

Had a steak Pasty, I will return soon enough. Tastes like a beef pot pie and sits in your stomach like lead.