Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Why Rob JJ Peppers?

A lot of folks around here seemed shocked at the brazen attempt by two men to rob the local JJ Peppers just 2 blocks from the new police station late last night. Everyone in the neighborhood knows that only half-brained folks actually buy gas from this joint and most visitors use the parking lot primarily as a jumping point to a Freddies pick-up or a Stages breakfast.
So few gas sales seem to indicate little cash on hand so what would be the motivation for robbing this shady joint we ask?
Well, either ignorance or a sharp eye for some of Bridgeport's best merchandise. As most B insiders know JJ's is the go-to place for some good living essentials. Bridgeport's intelligentsia know it as the daily place to pick up the NY Times. Local handicappers often stop by to grab the green sheet or dope sheet in local parlance for its insight on the ponies. The neighborhood's seedy element drops in for the latest editions of Playboy or Penthouse. And everyone around here with a need for a quick energy boost knows JJ's as the first and only surviving carrier of Jolt.
With this in mind we're thankful to the CPD for helping to protect this important Bridgeport outpost.

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Anonymous said...

also good for the fantasy sports magazines, but man those momos were better off hitting up the depot if you can get passed the sawed off under the counter, they got have a few hundo in there