Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Sox Swim With The Fishes

Congrats Kenny and Ozzie we are the Pittsburg Pirates of the American League. Please continue to talk to the media about how good we should be, make horrible lineups, steal with the success of righty Tom at Mitchell’s and stand behind a hitting coach that hasn’t helped one guy exceed expectations. Also, let’s not forget we have the worst farm system in baseball, but never fear we did draft your sons to fill out the roster and hired a scouting director for domestic players who was indicted by the FBI. I feel bad for Jerry Reinsdorf who raised the payroll to $125 million only to get a team that will bring in less than the second collection at the local 7:00 a.m. mass.

Time to start the countdown until these trades will be made, and continue the longstanding Jake Peavy watch until his arm flies into the scout seats.

Mark Buehrle to the Cardinals.
Jon Danks to the Yankees.
A.J. to the Brewers
Carlos Quentin to the Padres.

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Anonymous said...

we suck...embarassing