Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Recession Hits St Angelo Muxaro Club?

Rumor has it that the large crowds packing this longstanding Bport club have failed to muster enough action to fill a measly $10 strip card for the recent Bulls/Heat showdowns. Is it a case of penny pinching or are the parsimonious comrades diverting their funds towards the latest neighborhood obsession.


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it its because Donnie Ursetta AKA son of the purple haired bandit stalks those who enter and hounds them for cigarettes and relays stories of how hes hunting for Bin Laden (he killed him in fact), or how he sees Tupac in the mirror. Mostly its well known his dislike for Sal.

Anonymous said...

That sounds about right. It's comparable to letting Jimmy Sabbia aka Crazy Jimmy into a bar. At first it's funny and everyone takes jest. But after a while, patrons get tired of it and tend to steer away.