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Tie One On

B Editorial

The Bnews has uncovered a disturbing sartorial trend overtaking the neighborhood: the demise of the necktie or cravat. While we pride ourselves on our hardscrabble, blue collar roots we've also been known as men who adhere to higher fashion standards than most of our neighbors. Bporters were at the forefront of the famous Cavaricci movement and its progression to the Girbaud stage. We stepped ahead of most men with our comfortable Zodiacs and Kswiss scarpes. And we have held firm in our belief that a baseball cap should be worn brim forward and slightly bent in the classic style. This being said we encourage more Bporters to reach for a tie when going out for a night on the town. With the wide variety of knots available the tie has become a great way to distinguish yourself as a Bport man in a crowd.

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