Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Time To Relax

There is nothing a B reader likes more in the summertime then a little bit of leisure. Tales of local bankers taking urban siestas on bus stops, neighborhood smokers catching Z's in our lush and friendly parks, over-served revelers opting to wait for the sunrise in the company of our neighborhood's less fortunate elders or worn down government workers catnapping in vehicles during their lunch are common around these parts. With somnolence in mind we at the B recommend readers head out and spend some coin on a nice hammock for the upcoming summer. This model for sale by a local on craigslist looks like the perfect fit for our tree-lined neighborhood. Lightweight and portable readers can whip this baby out anytime they need to snooze.
With so many Sox day games early this season we expect too see many sox fans hanging from the trees dozing off to Farmer and DJ this summer.

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