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Bridgeport Parking Legend Passes Away

It's with great sadness that we at the Bnews report the passing of Pete Pivac today. Pivac was best known in these precincts for his outrageous and extraordinary parking maneuvers. A legend of sorts, Pivac would compensate for a set of bad hips by stationing his vehicle in the most unlikely parking positions. Backwards, sideways, halfway up a sidewalk, blocking an alley, double and triple parked, Pivac never missed an opportunity to deposit his vehicle in the center of traffic. His work was grudgingly respected by drivers in the neighborhood and the phrase "pulling a Pivac" is now commonplace in neighborhood dialogue. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pivac family this week.

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VNeck said...

Pete Pivac had a way with words that could swoon a woman from 3 blocks away,
rest in peace Pete