Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Suspect Sought in 334 Club Looting

Reports indicate that a disgruntled patron entered the Armour Square's exclusive 334 Club late Sunday night with a serious beef. The perpetrator allegedly smashed a flat screen tv, destroyed the bar's exclusive fob-key entrance system and covered up his felonious actions by stealing the computer based log system. The B suspects the perpetrator may have been upset that Seattle coach Pete Carroll didn't go for 2 late in the game and secure a back-door push for the Seahawks backers as the 334 club is known for its gambling clientele. Or could this crime be tied into an earlier Laptop robbery at the same site? From here it looks like an inside job.

Update:Reward Being Offered
4 sticks of supersod and a wheel of Fontanella cheese being offered by the club for info leading to a conviction in this case


Anonymous said...

why would u post anything about gambling,take this down now.

Anonymous said...

Ha-Sue should be able to fix it like new. He's a good carpenter.