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A Complex & Dangerous Proposal

With a mayoral election on the horizon many ambitious proposals and ideas are being offered by candidates to impress voters and differentiate themselves from fellow combatants. Some voters like Gerry Chico's idea to host a Superbowl are interesting but unlikely. Other ideas, however, have more traction. One plan going around is an idea to implement the CTA's long dormant plan to extend the Red Line to 130th St. Most candidates support the idea to extend the Soul Train out to 130th and connect Chicago's southernmost residents to the city's core. We at the Bnews are a bit more cautious about endorsing this idea. The Red Line has long been the primary mover in Bridgeport's public transit system. Shuttling workers downtown and merrymakers to taverns and public houses all along the lakeshore the Soul Train is an integral part of the Bridgeport transit system.
The back-end is what causes locals concern about the extension. Who hasn't been caught dozing off after a hard days work only to realize they missed the Sox 35th stop. More importantly, many weekend revelers enjoy the thriving dice games that populate the Saturday night runs. With the new extension in place imagine the losses that can be incurred by the brave dice handler who ventures the full length to 130th street and back. Imagine the shock of the sleepy reveler who finds himself at the end of the line - 95 blocks from destination Bridgeport. A projected 4am return traveler may now find himself arriving back home in time for 9am Stages breakfast.
With hesitation we at the Bnews endorse this extension as a way of bringing more Sox fans to the ballpark but we advise our readers to keep their eyes open while riding the rails.


Anonymous said...

How about being a responsible adult and not getting hammered to where you don't know where you are? "mr Emanuel don't extend the red line cause there are 3 Bridgeport drunks who fall asleep on the train at 4 a.m. And wake up at the last stop"

Anonymous said...

I tried to be responsible once and got a stomach ulcer....better to stick with Heineken

B! Tech said...

How about being a responsible adult by attaching a name to your slanders. You could grow up even further by learning proper grammar and punctuation. And finally, while your at it, get a sense of humor.