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B News Annual Holiday Quiz Show A Major Success

After a one year hiatus, the annual B News Holiday Pub Quiz came out swinging. Hosted by B News Social editor Tom Kotarac with help from Vanna White like Jim Dispensa, a total of 8 teams competed for the coveted first place crown at Bernice's Tavern. For the third straight quiz, team Biscotti Galore came out triumphant. With it's veteran experience, intelligence and wit, team BG were the favorites going in and they didn't disappoint.

Team Biscotti Galore

B News would also like to thank TK for his numerous hours of research. His dedication to the quiz is never forgotten. We also would like to thank Steve of Bernice's Tavern for being such a generous host. We are all looking forward to 2011 for the next quiz. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

One question remains leaving patrons dumbstruck, however. The B News founder and editor in chief was AWOL and nowhere to be found.

Dumbstruck Patrons


Anonymous said...

Would have been nice to see Professor Negron as well?

LilsSub said...

team Tony Fat's laid a good foundation down for years to come, but rumor was the Howard's had the test questions a few hours earlier

V-Neck said...

Rumor has it JD had an intense underwater hockey game with the justice league

Anonymous said...

Of course, absent was "seeds" Munizzi. Always one for Christmas cheer!!

Anonymous said...

Johhny Eyebrows, Bocci Bruno and Joe Hockey Pucks Nardi were also notable in their!