Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Local Owners Get Political

A post-election review of our local owner's contributions:

Jerry Reinsdorf (Owner - Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls)
52% to Democratic Candidates
29% to Republican Candidates
19% to Special Interests

Jerry shelled it out, again and again. Name a state and he's probably spent money on one of their candidates: Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Nevada, North Dakota, Arizona, Connecticut, and more. He's given to Dick Durbin, Carol Braun Mosley, Dennis Hastert, Arlen Specter, Chris Dodd, Evan Bayh, and even George W. Bush. If only he would throw it around like this with the Sox.

Tom Ricketts (Owner - Chicago Cubs)
100% to Republican Candidates

Tom Ricketts loves John McCain. He loves him to the tune of the monster $50,000 he
gave to him in his 2008 presidential run. Of course, he also loves his brother, Pete
Ricketts, whom he gave max donations to in 2005. Pete lost that Nebraska Senate race
despite putting forth $11M of his own money, which should become the new haunting
curse for Cubs fans.

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