Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

The War of the Clams Part I

Clams Cappuccino was terribly upset. Early, on the morning of November 28, 2004, while visiting D’Amato’s bakery for his routine pound cake pick-up, Clams had learned that his nemesis Nick ‘swivel hips’ Pharaoh had just received a vintage Fidel Castro bobble head doll propelling him ahead of Clams’ good pal Peanut Skallessi in the race for bobble head supremacy in the Bridgeport neighborhood. Clams knew that Peanut would be devastated by this news and that his bobble head collection would no longer be the public attraction and revenue generator Peanut relied on to pay Clams the monthly rent. Rushing out of the bakery, Clams quickly donned his faduc and slid on his driving gloves, he jumped into his caddie and headed south back to Bridgeport in an effort to stop Swivel Hips’ rise to glory.

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