Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Bourdain Misses on Ramova


Tonight at 9pm on Travel Channel
-Unfortunately the Ramova was edited out-
Mancow proved that he's a bigger douchebag
in person than on his show
Check out this missing scene
look for the guy on oxygen.
from his blog

"I'm ambivelent about a lot of places, but I am unrestrained in my love for Chicago. Only Chicago could convince me that the New York hot dog was not, in fact, anywhere near the apex of the hot dog arts.(The Chicago Red Hot deserves that honor) . Two respectably old school baseball teams, great, great bars, a tradition of unapproachably good and important music, its own, truly imposing style of architecture, an attitude both big city wise-ass and heartland lack of bullshit, a city open to the bestand most excessive/creative of new, experimental cooking styles, loaded with great chefs (many of whom are pals), it's simply another place I'll use any excuse to visit. Tonight's episode was just such an excuse."

Sudo wrote about this in the am

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