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Hot Dog Terror?

In the ongoing story that everything in around or from the neighborhood is corrupt the latest target is our hot dogs. They are not targeting the dogs that are served 365 from Freddies, Punky's, or Best Kosher. No these are the seasonal Irish dogs south of 35th from O'Malley's. Without any specific mention of a specic instance of it happening the ST is accusing O'Malley's of not using a scavanger service for their garbage and throwing their refuse in city bins. Anyone from the hood knows that this is a whopper, and that the store is open seasonally. Additionally the family that owns the store lives next door so any garbage being picked up would be from their house. I'm sure the family will get an apology in the mail for the poor reporting, but I wouldn't hold your breath. -photo from LTH

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Anonymous said...

BS. I seen them Fly dumping under the 29th street viaduct.

I Want Justice!

Just kidding.