Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Man of the Year: Candidate #2

No stranger to a good soccer chant, this young hooligan emerged as a force on the disco/pub scene with appearances as far North as Devon Ave this drinking season. A kolo dancing, soccer playing fool, V-neck is also quite a rifleman and recent reports have him commandeering a neighbor's canoe to secure his latest downed target alla George Washington.

Shifty's early lead in the polls may be in jeapordy with V-neck now out of his fox-hole and drawing up plans for this most prestigious award.


Anonymous said...

Candidate #2's strong modji feast showing may give him a leg up on the older italian stallion.

Hagen said...

Candidate's #2's ability to turn any piece of clothing into a V-Neck gives him my vote. I once saw #2 turn a crewneck sweater into a V-Neck at bar with two swipes of a cocktail toothpick!