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In the Battle of Godzilla vs. Bridgeport....
Godzilla Loses

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We would like to send a fond farewell to the Godzilla Store who closed their doors today and are headed for the greener pastures of Arlington Heights. You will forever be etched in the neighborhood history books as another failed attempt to topple the dominance of the Halsted Street Dollar Store.


Anonymous said...

Probably put out of business by the thriving PF sales (formerly known as Paul's Shoppee - yes, it had two E's)

Mickey Jagger Boy reported strong earning for the 2008 4th of July and Holiday season, and this is probably what knocked Godzilla off Halsted st.

Black Cats and Thunderbomb sales saw a 87% increase from last year, partly due to Bob Brown suffering from diabetes and having one of his legs amputated.(If you don't believe me, drive through his alley and note the wheel chair ramp in the back) Roman candles nd witch whistlers dipped 2%. Jagger commented that this may be due to the type of gun powder being used for arial projectiles.

The sale of Christmas decor, toydolls, and other senseless knick knacks also surged as holiday shoppers decided to save on gas and shop local this year due to a struggling economy.

When asked if he was worried that some of his merchandise is sub par and if he anticipated alot of returns, Jagger boy commented: "We have an air tight return policy. If we see a customer walking in the general direction of our place, we simply shut off the lights and close the big gate in the front. If you make them wait long enough, theyll simply write it up as a loss and move on"

More to come

PezChicago said...

Dispensa said:

On a personal note, and you had to have been born in the late 1960's to appreciate this, the passing of this thematic toy store surpasses the sadness I felt when Neisner's shut down in the mid-70's. It was the closing of Neisner's that ushered in the dollar store era, I believe. They had a nice little soda fountain-type of a counter where you could take a break from shopping and have a Slurpee or a bad piece of pizza served by "seasoned" counter ladies who smoked all day.

I used to stop by Monster Island on Saturdays with my sons and ask the owner questions like, "Two of my favorite movies are 1973's Godzilla vs. Megalon and 1974's Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Based on that, do you think I would enjoy the $500 complete DVD set of all 28 english-subtitled Godzilla movies?" and then I'd buy something for $20.