Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Candidate #3

Political correctness be damned......Scumaci is here as candidate #3 for the most prestigious "Bnews Man of the Year Award" After years of matriculating in Naperville Ricky re-emerged this drinking season with a fancy Italian wardrobe and tan that would make even Berlusconi jealous.

"Shouting and shots" is the philosophy of this tavern goer and you'll immediately know your in his presence when he drops one of his famous lines on your ass:

"this is the life we choose"
"death's gotta be easy cause life is hard, it'll leave you physically, mentally and emotionally scarred!"

In terms of energy, Scumaci looks to be the front runner is this horse race!

"R.S. is known to close up shop early when inbibing, so don't be late meeting this guy or you could find yourself walking into a firefight"

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Anonymous said...

Generous, generous, generous! Ricky Scumaci is often compared to the Catholic Gandhi of Halligan's. There is no color, race or gender I haven't seen my old friend buy and do a shot with. Once called "The Knife", this lovable working class hero is emerging as the father figure from the prodigal son parable. He gives and gives for all the right reasons. A real man of the neighborhood. When I told my dear friend about his recent nomination he said, "this is what we do. I have a handful of great people around me and when I'm out I just want everyone to have a good time and know that I love' em. What are you shooting bro?" Ricky Scumaci is the man of the year!