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A Dangerous Holiday Game

B! News Social

At times, the neighborhood acts like a fertile field, ripe for the seeds of mistaken fashion trends (think Fila sandals and socks), old-world food traditons, and dangerous games.

B! News Social flew from the East Coast last year bearing the gift of one of these new dangerous games -- Credit Card Roulette. The premise is simple. Take a tab (a round of drinks, a dinner, whateva) and then get every member of your group to throw their credit cards on the table. Next, have a neutral, third-party (waitress, bartender, doorman) collect the cards and place them in a container. The third-party will then proceed to pick one card at a time. The last card chosen, pays the tab.

Last year's holiday game of Credit Card Roulette served as a short trip to bizarro world. The first decision seemed to be a good one: all the attendees agreed to head to a north side spot with $1.00 beers and cheap rail drinks. Our hopes for cost-savings from choosing a cheap-beer bar were quickly dashed when half of the group (living the Carbone life) had to start ordering the kettle ones, the nice scotch, etc... nothin like goin' to a bar for cheap beers and then ordering $8.00 top-shelf drinks fellas.

Upset with the imbalance in the tab and aware that distributing the tab more heavily to the scotch and vodka drinkers was a futile exercise, B! News Social introduced the game of Credit Card Roulette. The game was met with some skepticism and incomprehension (due to the vodka and scotch), so a deal was made that we would play for a round of shots for a test run.... again, heading out to a $1.00/beer bar and playing for $60 trays of Jameson might not be the smartest idea, but things like that never got in the way of a good game finding it's way into the bridgeport playbook.

Of course, game 1 turned into a best of 7, with B! News Social and Vodka Vic taking the serious financial blows, losing twice a piece. Some of the players had to bow out early, knowing that 7 rounds of shots could cost you more than $420 and a nasty headache. And, of course, our very own hands-up, made it out without a scratch, proving that good luck is only a good cheer away.

So with a nod to solid gamemenship and holiday cheer, B! News Social would like to float the idea of a second annual Christmas Credit Card Roulette get together. Details soon.


vaticanisto said...

There's no place like saloons for the Holidays, excellent post!

tk said...

unfortunately, I have to resort to games of chance for my meals. Perhaps I can offer a nice cup of holiday joe to you fellas.

LilsSub said...

tonight Tin Lizzie round 2

jd said...

I did flip the bill for Franco's, not by chance. I had to relax after the
meal. I didn't have sal's special Brioschi.
It may be time for TK to treat this year. I say dinner in the hood in the next few weeks.

B News said...

That's a nice lean for the Birdman.

Anonymous said...

Press that sod!

Urban Camper said...

You should hit some outdoor venues this year.