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Smoke Bomb

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English Ain't Got No Rules Edition

B! News Social was just named to the Editorial board for the 2006 Merriam-Webster Bridgeport dictionary. In that capacity, B! News Social will, from time to time, present some of this year's new entries to the Dictionary.

Smoke Bomb
Itr v.
Etymology: From the Ninja, "Ka Ton Jisu," the art of using fire and smoke for purposes of offense, defense, infiltration and escape.

  1. To abruptly and inconspicuously leave a social setting without warning
  2. To believe that you have abruptly and inconspicuously left a social setting only to learn later that you did the opposite
a. usually involving heavy amounts of alcohol

"I was at Level runnin Hans Solo last night, had a couple drinks... lights went out and I smoked bombed outta thing I know I'm in my basement."


LilsSub said...

Mario's departure from Haliigan's was no smoke bomb.

"Help he cried, someone get Matt, help."

Anonymous said...

Didn't he get socked peeping in the window of that establishment?

Mario said...

...while lilsub stared blankly ahead completely confused as to what the ruckus was. I might as well of had Gandhi and Mother Theresa in my corner.

...well anonymous, I suppose of I live my whole life afraid of putting a face to my words, i could have avoided both confrontations at the famed Halligans.

And finally:

I was setup! An investigation is currently uderway to clear my name of any wrong-doing. A formal report will be publicly released when all the facts have been gathered.

¡El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido!

tk said...

at least your smoke bomb didn't result in minor fire damage to your kitchen cabinets

Higgs said...

yeah i ran into anthony han solo and out of his mind brought him to hidden shamrock with me and he smoke bombed