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Chicago Il - First, today in 1944 marks the day that FDR was elected to a record breaking fourth term. B would like to take a quick look at some events coming up this month.

B Staff favorite Ted Leo+ The Pharmacists will be live on Wednesday, 9th @ the Metro. For those who don't make it to the Notre Dame game next weekend. The LDB Foundation is throwing a benefit that Sal would be very proud of. Speaking of sal last weekend was the induction dinner for the National Italian American Hall of Fame. Sorry we missed it. Unfortunately we won't be going to any Fire games in Soldier Field anymore. The Fire lost in the Semi-Finals to the Revs last night. There's always next season, which kicks off in the new Bridgeview facility.

Moving on to the third weekend. Halloween is over, but don't put that Hoggwarts uniform away just yet. Harry Potter 4 opens up the 19th. If that movie doesn't catch your interest I'd take a look at this movie that's out right now. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a nice change of pace in the private dick genre. Movie aren't your thing then a sure shot for the 17th-20th is the LEVEL Anniversary Party. Some of us may have over stayed our welcome during Rocktober. That shouldn't stop anyone else from grooving to Ben Benassi.

This leaves us with T-Give break and the infamous November 23rd.

Post your suggestions.

Of course, Birthdays are on the calander so no need to rehash. However, if we've missed any please let us know on the tip line.


tk said...

What's the word -- Any plans for a coordinated Bird-Bash for Thanksgiving?

vaticanisto said...

I suggest a further week of rest as the Farnese may be of service to Da Bears in early January.
Also, can't wait for Dino's big superbowl clambake sponsored by Fantasy Football.

vaticanisto said...

Very troubling how Joe Bezlic dissaperaed just as he was gaining ground on Dino's team. Crain's Chicago buisness is sure to pick this story up.

vaticanisto said...

Party talk is in commitee right now, furtheer details will be posted for our friends in the east..

LilsSub said...

Dino fillabustered a trade of mine in the league, better be a good clambake!! I say no booze just the goods from Corosh