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Who's Who in Bouffont Edition

Quite possibly the most underrated actor in all of film, Frank Sivero symbolizes the best in both modern American acting and neighborhood style. Perhaps you remember him as the young Genco Abbandando in Godfather II, or Anthony Russo in Blood Fued. But no one can forget him as the lovable Frankie Carbone in Goodfellas.

And since we have yet to grace Mr. Sivero with a spot in a Chuck Norris action flick, we have to honor him the only way we can. So today, B! News Entertainment would like to highlight a new segment: Carbone Life.

We would like to celebrate those who embody the Frankie Carbone Lifestyle. Of course, there's the first Carbone Life Award receipient, Frank Lipper. Here are other Carbone Life Award winners:


LilsSub said...

I remeber him as "pockets" on Happy Days

Anonymous said...

thats awesome