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Not sure who listened to the play call on Fox for yesterday's game, but Fox has hit a new low. B! News Social was pleasantly surprised with the playcalling during the ESPN coverage of the Sox v. sox with ESPN's line-up of a clean-cut Mike Piazza (with well trimmed eye brows to boot), Cannaryviller Rick Sutcliffe andBoomer.

It was nice: We didn't have to hear hero worship of the Red Sox for three games and Sutcliffe and Piazza added some worthwhile commentary. And, ESPN's nifty "K-Zone" system granted the displaced East Coast Farnese some legitimacy when we let the Beacon Hill Brahmins know that el Duque was throwin strikes.

But that was then, now we have the three stooges of Joe Buck, Tim McCarver and Lou Pinella. I remember watching the Red Sox World Series last year with some of the bean-town crowd and having to hear red sox fans correct young (Joe) Buck, 33, repeatedly throughout the game. And, just when I get to take a little breather, bam! it's Buck on Sunday morning calling the Bears game.

Then there's Tim McCarver. Timbo's really good at voiceovers of highlight reels for rain-delay filler. He's also really talented in his hatred for the Yankees - it's appreciated, but irrelevant. C'mon, this series is live Timbo, let's catch up pal.

And of course, my new favorite, Lou Pinella. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the last time Lou was in Comiskey for a playoff series. Here's a few samples of "Lou's lines" --

[Camera shot of Ozzie making at least 10 different hand gestures to Cora/Raines] Lou: I've been watching Ozzie and he hasn't made any signs, so the bunt must still be on.
McCarver: yep Lou, looks like there's no direction from the dugout

[Iguchi swings for a single] Lou: y'know, did you ever notice how Iguchi's swing is really similar to Matsui [it's not, by a long shot], they must all swing like that...

[Talking about the dynamic in the Sox Clubhouse] Lou: there was a year when I had a bunch of Latins on my team and they would all be talking to each other very fast and I wouldn't understand the Latins. I'd have to chime in and say, 'hey! what's goin on there, let me in'... yeah I had a bunch of Latins on my team.

Well Lou, it's good to know that you can't see a manager giving signs, think that all the players East of the Ural Mountains hit the same and that you have a hard time understanding the "Latins". Let's get the Hawk and DJ in the booth, indeed let's get Wimpy back too.

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