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Drinking Etiquette Edition

In a salute to Nick "the Fin" B! News Social introduces a new column: "On the Cuff"

B News Staff (and readers) have a long tradition of enjoying a libation here and there. Indeed, some of the Farnese have been dubbed "the Jesuits" for bringing their Sox fandom and other thirsty shannigans into the bars on the North Side of the city.

These frequent trips to drinkerys north of Roosevelt Road inevitably produce a rather amicable relationship between us and the staff of those establishments. Over the years, a innumerable amount of doormen, bartenders, maitre d's, wait staff, and even bus boys have made a fine living by making our acquaintance.

And we, in return, have saved thousands of dollars and hours of time because they have become "on the cuff." In other words, they have become an elite group of service industry workers who for one reason or another like Bridgeport drinkers so much that we get a deal at their bar.

While neighborhood history buffs will tend to argue whether Ba'ba's Brother at the Bog or our favorite school teacher at Ranalli's (or for a brief period, Lipstick) were the first bartenders to take part in our good fortune, everyone will agree that they were certainly "on the cuff."

So this column is dedicated to you dear drink server. For those of you in the past that we have forgotten about and those of you in the future we have yet to meet: Thank you for charging us $20 for what was obviously at least a $200 tab, thank you for bringing us in through the kitchen when it was 3 degrees and the line was a block long, thank you for running across the street and buying us cigarettes when we were too lazy to go across the street, but most of all thank you for putting us in that cab that time we had a bit too much to drink, I know we didn't pay you, but we'll just settle up next weekend when we see ya again.

We appreciate your suggestions for folks who are "on the cuff" -- please send all photos, video, text, etc... to


Mario said...

Who could ever forget good ol' Phil, a mentor and surrogate father to many of us on our first treks to Division street, at a time of innocence, healthier livers and a never ending supply of credit.

Last I heard he headed out west to stake a claim in the Golden State.

If he could only see me now, boy, would he be proud...

Hurricane said...

I'd like to thank the staff of RiNo for helping me out the door.

vaticanisto said...

Vlad, for his truthful assesments at 4 in the morn

B News said...

You can't forget our friends Anthony and Andre, Harry and his father, Sammy and Chuckie, George, and of course our friend at sterchs.

bruno said...

Who could forget Nick Ferro at Prive. What a host.

bruno said...

Last I heard Nick took the place of Miles "the bathroom" guy at Leg Room. Occasionally he'll clean out the fish tank.